How to retain your software developers in a competitive market

There is a shortage of software developers in the U.S. and we're all feeling the competition for these finite resources. Technology leaders frequently ask us how they can reatain...


Businesses who depend on custom applications rely on
Lighthouse Software for stability and growth.


Custom software support for your existing application
Get More Done

Free up your development team

Save Money

Fractional to full-time resources


Automate your unique process for a competitive advantage
Lead the Market

Innovate to attract new customers

Retain Customers

Keep pace with competitors


Bridge data between platforms and streamline workflow
Improve Accuracy

Reduce manual entry and reconciliation

Faster Decisioning

Flow real-time data to decision makers


Leadership Best Practices for Migrating Legacy Applications

Migrating enterprise software systems to modern languages, platforms and libraries is a deeply challenging process with many risks and matching potential rewards.


"Every other firm we contacted said what we wanted was impossible. Lighthouse Software did it. They built the impossible and they did it seamlessly & efficiently."


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