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When Is the Best Time to Outsource Custom Software Support?

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Tim Michalski

If you’re a CIO, CFO, or an overworked developer, you’ve probably considered finding more efficient ways to support the custom enterprise applications at the heart of your organization. 

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5 Ways Your App is Driving Customers Away

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While it’s an exciting time, both for business owners providing a solution to a need and for software companies pushing existing technologies or breaking new ground, it’s also a road littered with corpses of apps that didn’t exactly cut it. They might have began their lives as great ideas that really addressed a business need, but somewhere along the way, the train derailed and is now a rusting hunk of steel in the middle of nowhere.

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Culture Vulture – 5 Interesting and Practical Ideas for Improving your Company Culture

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This past year was exciting for Lighthouse Software. With the help of our partners and our clients, we built some fantastic new applications that will help not only our clients but the public as well. Our team’s dedication to delivery and quality has caused our project list to grow, and as a result, we added 15 new amazing staff from the Twin Cities!

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Leadership Best Practices for Migrating Legacy Applications

Migrating enterprise software systems to modern languages, platforms and libraries is a deeply challenging process with many risks and matching potential rewards.

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