The Lighthouse Legacy Manifesto

Our strongly held beliefs about our client’s most trusted assets.


We’re working on trusted assets

Legacy systems are not liabilities. They are trusted assets providing a vital function for our clients. We’re not in a rush to send them to the scrap heap, and by so doing, introduce unnecessary risk for our clients.


We’re working with heroes

The people who support legacy systems are a breed apart. They are heroes. We honor them and we love working with them.


We think operations first, technology second

The biggest challenges our clients face in modernization are operational, not technological. We must start there.


We don’t sustain bad workflows with new tech

We pay attention to the processes our client’s apps support. If a workflow is outdated, we work with them to create a better one before deploying new technology to drive it.


We listen to understand

Understanding is the first ingredient in a well-designed solution. We listen to our clients first before firing up the engineering juices to develop a solution.


We won’t be methodology bigots

We respect our client’s culture and environment. Each one is unique, so we won’t be methodology bigots. We work in the project management framework that works best for them.


We attract legacy nerds

It takes a special kind of nerd to fall in love with dated technology. We attract and cultivate them.


We stay current

Change is inevitable. Today’s leading edge is tomorrow’s lingering tech. While we love legacy, we can only design the best path forward when we stay current.

Putting our beliefs to work.

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