Lighthouse offers four types of services for enterprise software.


We provide maintenance and technical support for your custom enterprise software application.

Tier 3 On-Call

Application Monitoring
Issue Remediation
Disaster Recovery



Security & Performance



Integrate enterprise systems ranging from financial to human resources and from inventory management to customer relationship management.


Integrate information systems across segmented lines of business or separate business entities.


Integrate systems and data within enterprise-wide business software platforms.

Web APIs

Consume internal or 3rd party APIs for native integration. Provide a Web API for other systems to consume data natively.

Data Bridge

Secure data transformations and synchronization between disparate systems.


Incrementally modernize and enhance your custom enterprise applications.

Modernize Technologies

Replace outdated/unsupported technologies with modern equivalents.

Software Health

Rewrite problematic code, apply version upgrades, resolve key technical debt and assure license compliance.

Modernize UI/UX

Update visual treatments, streamline user experience and support mobile devices.

New Features

Expand software capabilities utilizing the existing technology stack.

Software Port

Translate to a modern OS, language, architecture, and design.

Companion App

Develop new web or mobile app that extends the capabilities of legacy.

Cloud Migration

We move enterprise applications to the cloud and manage deployment, provisioning and scaling to meet their operational needs.

Complex & Custom

Code refactoring, build/deploy for cloud, data transfer and move coordination.

Cloud Native

Transform into cloud-native “serverless” components for low-cost scalability.

Cloud Automation

Software deployment, infrastructure scaling, governance and monitoring.

How to Conduct a Legacy Assessment

Assessing your most urgent priorities

Not every aging technology has the same impact on your business. In this 13-minute video, Tim Michalski shares best-practices gained from hundreds of modernization projects on how to conduct an assessment of your most pressing modernization needs.

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