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Adopting a standard software platform for modernization can greatly accelerate feature delivery, ensure compliance to standards, and increase the success of your modernization program.

The Voyage Modernization Platform is a pre-assembled open-source mainstream software platform that implements the most widely accepted languages, frameworks, and best practices in the world.

Use Voyage as-is to quickly launch your development efforts or as a guideline for establishing your own platform. Either way, you’ll begin delivering meaningful features faster with a more reliable delivery cadence.

Built by developers, for developers.

Voyage is serious scaffolding for serious development. No drag and drop here to limit how and what you can do. Instead, every element of Voyage has been designed to keep you focused on rapidly building needed application features, not setting up frameworks. Think of Voyage as the scaffolding to unleash your most creative development masterpieces for your custom applications. It’s your quick launch pad for enterprise web, mobile, or API projects.

Built for industrial strength environments.

While Voyage is free open source software, it’s built to support large enterprise and highly secure environments. Voyage implements a very high standard of software security and addresses each of the Open Web Association of Secure Programmers (OWASP) Top 10 security vulnerabilities.

Additionally, Voyage includes modules that address common enterprise security, compliance, and legal requirements mandated by most organizations.

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